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Caroline Mazaro

Specializing in residential and commercial design

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Whether your taste is contemporary or traditional, I can remodel the look and feeling of your space. I work closely with my clients to understand their tastes and aspirations.


I will analyse the character of your space, look at your needs and explore furniture systems and solutions, lighting, colours, materials and space planning to create the perfect design for your business.

Bespoke Furniture

Sometimes all your room needs is just a small touch and a change can completely transform a room, we can try new textures and colours to design something unique for your requirements.

I am
Caroline Mazaro

I provide in-home design consultations in Amsterdam area. I am driven to create sophisticated and timeless interiors that are tailored to the client's lifestyle requirements and aspirations.

Each project is handled with diligence, professionalism and attention to detail. Do you have any project you would like to share with me?

  How does it work?

Here's how it works

Schedule your first in-home design consultation with me
Receive an exclusively tailored project plan together with a fee proposal.
Receive your design and all complementary documentation over a meeting.

Each project is unique and special.

These 3 steps may suit perfectly for your needs but if it does not, I will prepare a suitable proposal for your needs.


Step 1: Schedule a free in-home Design Consultation with me or send me an e-mail explaining about your project, I will promptly answer. If you make an appointment I will arrive on time and measure the area, I will go through the possibilities with you and make some questions about your requirements.

Reserve time

Step 2: After you've reviewed your proposal you can contact me whenever it suits you. I will immediately start working on your design. We will keep in touch by e-mail and phone calls. Depending on the design service hired we will have weekly casual meetings to discuss the design concept and process. You have the choice to actively participate in the design, look, and feel of your project.

Step 3: Upon the arranged date, you will receive a digital version and a hard copy of the design and complementary documents that may be part of your plan. The delivery will usually happen over a meeting where I will present the project and we will discuss the possibilities, budget, timeline, installations and all that concerns to your project in particular.

My Works


Interior Design


Renovation of apartment. The client wanted a design that could bring together comfort and character in a contemporary style. To meet his requirements I worked with blue and grey patterns and colours.

The colour blue promotes physical and mental relaxation, it drives order and direction and it’s perfect for living and working spaces. Using it in small quantities, in objects or in a paler shade for wall coverings, blue will catch the eyes and give character to the room.

The colour grey, also used in this project, is a safer colour to use, it resembles safety, security and a balanced existence. It makes a perfect contemporary space if used correctly.

Two main changes were given priority in this design. Before it was an open-plan living room and kitchen. I tried to keep the spacious feeling that existed before, but to give character to the room I focused on creating two main areas, one would be composed of a bar table between the kitchen and the dining area, giving convenience to receive friends for dinners or drinks and by moving the sofa to a new location in the room and by placing the TV stand also in a new location, I created a home-theater area perfect for chill out moments and movie sessions. In the dining area I created an exclusive wall panel, which will catch the eye and give a good impression to whom enters this apartment.

Bespoke Furniture

dining room sideboard

Sometimes all you need is a one-off piece of furniture to highlight the identity of your space. Something unique that emerges between your existing furniture and sends a message of who you are.

Or perhaps you have a special need or a room that asks for a specially designed furniture. This was the case of this project, the wall where this furniture was placed, played an important role to the room and needed a design that could bring practicality, light and elegance to the room. The use of mirrors above the sideboard reflecting the light coming from the glazed doors, amplified the room while the sideboard brought the sophistication and the practicality that the client wanted.


retail interior

The brief I received from my first meeting with the clients was: “We have been in this hive of activity since 20 years ago and we want to renovate the look and give a new identity to our store”. My proposal was to renovate with refined elements and colours but keeping the original identity, which was the ingredient for this store to have kept a good clientele over the years. I gave a new and fresh look for what worked very well for them in terms of functionality and operations.

The main work in this project was to renovate the underpinning structure of the building, all the installations and finishes needed to be replaced and in a tight schedule, but with a good project management and an efficient contractor everything was delivery on time.

The feedback given by my clients was: “We are delighted by the elegance and revitalized feeling in the store now, the furniture is just perfect for our needs and the comfort in the fitting room makes the clients to feel homey and pleased”

Interior Design

apartment renovation

When talking about renovation we are not only talking about styling a space but also eliminating what is old, outworn and removing what doesn't bring any good facet for the space. The design of this apartment interior involved a new ceiling, the previous was a wood planked ceiling, dark and obsolete that was part of the architectural style but didn't bring any benefits for the space. The solution was to cover it with white plasterboard, details in gypsum and halogen spotlights to highlight the spaces. Working with a plain white colour is perfect for low ceilings, it amplifies the sensation of space and allows for creativity in what is under it.

The design also involved designs for bespoke furniture, definition of colours and wallpapers, and a flooring restoration. The colour palette for this project was warm, mostly cream and brown. The colour brown is an elegant colour per se and it gives a sense of stability and quality, perfect for creating a comfortable and intimate space.


Retail interior

If you just need to update the facade of your store or to give it a new identity, the use of colours may be an excellent and affordable option.

Colours have an important role within our lives although subtly noticeable sometimes. For this project I exploited shades of purple and burgundy for the facade, colour which is supposed to make you feel radiant and full of energy. The design resulted in an elegant and stylish décor.

Interior Design

apartment design

Interior design for a brand new apartment. This project comprised the selection of the apartment finishes and design of bespoke furniture as well as selection of paints and wall coverings, loose furniture and decorative objects. It also involved some electrical project for new power points in the apartment, details for gypsum in the ceilings and mirror details.

The colour palette chosen was green and light greys, light patterns for fabrics, curtains and rubs and minimalist lighting in the ceilings. Green is a positive and relaxing colour, it promotes balance and stability.

I tried to balance between the contemporary and the minimalist style to match the apartment proposal and client’s taste. The biggest asset of this apartment is the size of the balcony, comprising a substantial barbecue area, is a perfect place for family meetings and social occasions but by integrating the external to the internal area, the living room gained space and a new characteristic.

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